My Sweetheart and The Mistress

Hello, minna! this is my english assignment when I was eleven grade! 😀
so expired, isn’t it? but, enjoy! this is also dedicated for my best idol and actor in the world, William Moseley (Wizzle). 😉


Once upon a time, there lived a couple. The men named Wizzle, and the women named Cecil. They were a happy couple.

One day, when they on the way after picnic, they met she male that’s look need their help. “ Stop, stop, please! “ offered she male to Wizzle’s car. “ Wizzle, wait! Stop your car. There’s any someone who needs our help. “ told Cecil. “ Okay, babe. “ answered Wizzle.

She male knocked the car window. “ What’s wrong? “ asked Cecil. “ Can you help me, please? “ asked she male. “ I’m lost my wallet. So, I don’t have money for go home. “. Wizzle and Cecil looks confused. They didn’t know the she male is evil or not. But, when they seem the she male’s face that’s so troubled, they became pity.

“ Okay, sir, you can follow us. “ answered Wizzle.

“ What?! You call me with ‘sir’, huh??!! Look at me! I’m so pretty and you call me ‘sir’?? you’re so silly! “ said she male angried. They were shocked. They almost laughed at the time.  “ Do you believe that him pretty, Wizzle??hahaha

During the journey, they can’t stopped to smile when they saw the shemale.

“ Okay, please stop your car in the cross road. “I get down there. “ said she male to Wizzle. Wizzle stopped his car. Before the shemale went far away, the she male said,

“ You’re will be a loyal and everlasting couple”. “But, you must be believe with your sweetheart”. “One time you will find a hard problem to solve”. “If you can solve that problem, you’re will be a happier ever after couple in the world!” “Thanks a lot for the car. Have a nice day! “

They were very confused. They had no chance to ask to the shemale.

“ Wizzle, what is he talking about? “ asked Cecil.

“ I don’t know, honey. But, I think he looks mysterious. Umm… like an oracle, maybe? “ answered Wizzle.

When they get their home, they found something that looks mysterious.

Cecil found a bottle that’s filled with water like milk. When she wanted to opened the bottle, suddenly, BWWOOSSHH!!

White cloud rises around there and change into a giant man with smooth white skin look a snow.

In another place, Wizzle found a bat with that wings was injured. Wizzle took care the bat until she recovered. After she was recovered, suddenly the bat changed into old woman with blackfull clothes.

Next week in the Wizzle’s Birthday Party…

“ Uh, where’s Cecil?? “ asked Wizzle to Witch.

“ Maybe she’s forget your birthday party. “ answered the Witch.

“ Nonsense! I know Cecil well! “ said Wizzle.

Finally, Cecil came to Wizzle’s party. “ I’m sorry, I’m late, honey… I have problem with my car. “

“ Oh, it’s no problem for me. “ said Wizzle.

“ Hi, Wizzle! She makes you waiting for a long time. You must give her a punish, Wizzle! “ offered the Witch.

“ No, I can’t give her a punish. She is my sweetheart. “ suicided Wizzle.

“ Oh, bullshit! I care with you, Wizzle! I’m your guard, you know?! “ saod the Witch angried. “ I will curse her to be a frog! “. The Witch swinged her stick. And then… Cecil became a frog!

“ No! How fools are you, Witch! You change my sweetheart into a frog! You stupid! Go out from here! “ Wizzle angried. Cecil cried loudly.

“ How about me, Wizzle?? Your witch was changed me into frog?? “ said Cecil sadly.

Suddenly, Cecil’s guard, the Giant, came in Wizzle’s party. He was very angry when he saw Cecil was changed into frog.

“ Hey, boy! What are you doing with my boss?? Why you change Cecil into frog, hah???!! “ asked the Giant.

“ Hahaha… hey Giant! Wizzle not be builty! I’m the Witch. And I was changed your boss into frog because she was maked Wizzle have been waiting for long time, you know?! “ said the Witch.

“ What?! Cecil not be builty. Wizzle, listen! I’m Cecil’s guard. Cecil late come in your party because me. That’s my fault. So, forgive her, Wizzle. Isn’t she your lovely, right? So, please offer your witch to change Cecil into women again! “ asked the Giant to Wizzle.

“ Of course, Giant! I will. But, the Witch won’t. What should I do? “ Wizzle confused.

“ Oh my! Hey, Witch! Please, change my boss into women again. It’s not her fault. That’s mine. “ asked Giant.

“ Hahaha… it’s not easy! I will change her into women again, with one rules. “ answered Witch.

“ What is it? If you can hold your promise to change Cecil into women, I’m willing to do your rules! “ promised Wizzle.

“ Wait! You can’t, Wizzle! How if your witch broke the rules?? The Witch must change Cecil now. And, after that, you can follow the witch’s rules! “ said the Giant.

“ Shut up! You don’t know whatever about promise, Giant! So, don’t make me angry! “ told Witch.

“ Everybody, stop! How about me?! I’m very tired, you know?? Please… change me into women again…” Cecil cried.

In the end, the Witch changed Cecil into women again. Wizzle very glad, Cecil too. But, after changed Cecil into women again, Wizzle must be separated with Cecil. It’s witch’s rules. And Wizzle must hold his promise to witch. He can’t be a liar. So, although felt so sad, Wizzle must separated with his sweetheart, Cecil,  to forever…

### THE END ###


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