My September Wish ^_^

Ohayou gozaimasu, minna-san! how’s your day?? its first day of ninth month of the year, ne? what’s about your wish?? here’s I’ll tell you about my #SeptemberWish šŸ™‚

well, I don’t expected for ‘fabulous’ thing. I just wanna be a social volunteers in ‘BEM-KM’ of State University of Yogyakarta.


then, I also wanna join Karate organization. heheehe… I wanna be a ‘super girl’, because it seems so cool if you had a martial arts capability. like Kyougoku Makoto-san! :*


another hopes? I’m not sure, actually. for short time, I just wanna be a ‘great’ student, I can be an campus activism, and go in History degree as good as I can. ^_^


oh yeah, I almost forget about one thing! I’m not interested with ‘take a relationship’ with any guy. I think, it doesn’t needed for your future, ne? because I’m looking for ‘my nominee husband’ ! aamiin O:) hopes Allah swt. gives the best for me. I believe it!


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