Tomorrow is the first class of college. Yeah, I’m soooo ready for that! :-D

Konbanwa, minna-san! Good afternoon! 😀 how’re you?? hope you’re always in God’s blessing 🙂

well, I’m so excited for tomorrow.  yeah, I can’t wait for my first class in college! I cant wait to see my new friends, my new teacher, etc. yihaaaaa! 😀

gd fis

but, I also have a worry about some things. :-/

first, I’ve a problem with my classmate. yeah, I think he’s interesting with me. but, ummm… like I’ve told you, I don’t wanna make a ‘relationship’ yet! >_<

second, I’m worry about my classmates. you know what, in a class, there’s 52 persons! could you imagine?! there’s so many people, ne??

and the last problem, (but I’m not sure it’ll be my last problem) I’m very afraid about my condition. cause, if I had something to do, and too serious do that, I’ll forget about everything. well, I hope I can equalize between college and organization! GANBATTE! ^o^


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