Cerita Hati

What I want in 2015. (Or should I call it as ‘resolution’?)

Konnichiwa, minna-san! Its been long time since I shared something in my blog, ne? 🙂 speaking about that, I’d like to tell you something. Nothing in particular, actually. Hehehe, but I really want you to know. 😉

2015 has already began about 2 months. And to be honest, I enjoyed this year. So far~

Better late than never, right? So I’d like to share about my resolution in 2015.

First of all, I want deminish my weight for about 5 kilos. FYI, it’ll be my hardest job! *grin*
Second, I want to begin my karate’s practice from the start! You know what I mean? Yup. I was thinking about move to other dojo. Demo sa, I still considering…
Third, I want new smartphone! Hahaha, I really really want it! 😀
Next, I hope in my birthday, I’ll get something special. From whoever it is. I dont really care. I just wanna my birthday different from last year, because I’ll turn 20 !!! God…. I’m very damn excited! 😀
Well, it just between us, I’d love to receive a birthday present in 00.02 a.m. I also will be so thankful if someone gives me a Minion’s or Baymax’s doll as a gift! :-* yeah, cause they’re so kawaii ♥

As a conclusion, I just wanna this year will be better and bring more happiness for me. Bring joyful, peace, and more lesson and experience for me. Makes a girl named Risda Amanda more wise, mature, and useful. Thats all. 🙂

Aamiin ya Allah. Because HE knows better from his own creatures. O:-)


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