My Favorites

It’s one of my favorite actor’s birthday : Jeremy Renner!

Baru setengah jam nonton film, ga sengaja ke pause, dan laptop menunjukkan tanggal 8 januari… dan gue langsung cengo! 😨

Holly crap! its been 24 hours since his birthday! 😱 how could I missed that?!?! And suddenly remember that I do have a looott of annoying tasks! 😥 Well yeah, it’s October 8th and almost 10.30 a.m in NY. I totally forgot the difference of time between Indonesia and NY. 😣 I know I was soooo late, but, just let me say : #HappyBirthday Jeremy Renner a.k.a Hakweye !!! 🎉🎇🙌 just wishes the best for you. Best as daddy for Ava, best actor for every role you get, and best life in the future! God bless you, Sir! 🙂 – with @Renner4Real

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