The Most Wanted Movies in 2016

Hello, world! Ogenki desu, ka? Well, I hope you all are great as I am. πŸ™‚ now, I am going to share the most wanted movies in this year. Of course, in my opinion! *wink* so let’s check this out, minna!!!! 🙌
PS : spoiler alert!!!!! 📣🔊🙅😝😂😄

1. Kungfu Panda 3


The first most wanted movie in this year is Kungfu Panda 3! Yup. We’ll going to be a witness for Po and his friends’ journey. Kungfu Panda 3 (which I know mostly in it’s YouTube trailer) is telling about Po’s journey into his homeland. It will reveal his parents and family, especially his father. Later, Po lives in (what should I call it?) The Panda’s Village that so hidden in the back of mountain. But, then Po should leave the Valley of Peace and his friends and mentor Shifu. Once again, when Po is enjoying his new life, comes an ‘enemy’ who wants destroy the valley of peace. Po must save his friends in there, but he couldn’t do it alone. So, could he make all of his ‘new’ family which is very obese and know nothing about being a fighter? Well, this movie will come in cinemas about end of this month or in March.

2. The Divergent Series: Allegiant


Yup, this is the end of Tris and her friends’ journey. Allegiant will show us about how they break and come into the ‘outside world’ which is known as the ‘boundaries’. FYI minna, some sources said that Allegiant will be two parts. But, there’s no guarantee about that rumours. Yeah, to be honest, I hope there’s NO PART! Because I hate to waiting much longer for the end. Just like when I should have to wait the last series in The Hunger Games trilogy!Β  😐 and yeah, not like other genre which has happy ending, this movie will give us bad ending. Pssstt… one of the central character will dead for saving other’s life! 😣 like the previous movie, Allegiant will come into cinemas in March. And more special, it will be in my birthday!!! 🙌 (as you can see in the poster I attached ) kyaaaa… I can’t wait!😍

3. Captain America 3 : Civil War


For you who a big fan of the Avengers, this movie will be in your wish list, ne? πŸ˜‰ yup. This will be the end of captain America series. Point of the story is telling us about conflict between Steve Rogers or Captain America and Tony Stark or Iron Man. Well, although we can’t see the most powerful ‘god’, Thor and Hulk, this movie will pamper us with mostly heroes in Avengers team: Cap, Iron Man, Falcon, Scarlet witch, ant-man, black widow, the machine, vision, black panther, and my favorite: Hawkeye! 😘 Civil War announced to release in cinemas 6th May 2016. So guys, who side are you on? πŸ™„

4. Alice in Wonderland’ series: Alice Through theΒ  Looking Glass


Honestly, I haven’t seen the previous movie, yet. 😝 but still, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway are my favorites. So, I guess I have to watch this one, right? And besides, I’m addicted with fantasy genre! 😁 after six years, we’ll see the Mad Hatter, the White and Red Queen, the Cartepillar, Alice, and etc again. Alice Through the Looking Glass is telling about Alice’s next adventure in Wonderland. Now, just imagine. How does it feel if you suddenly wake up in the ‘strange world’ full of glasses everywhere??? yeah, Alice does. And once again, she has to struggling and help the people in Wonderland from Red Queen before it becomes empty and infertile. You can see Alice and friends in cinemas, 27th May 2016.:D

5. Now You See Me 2


Minna, if you claimed yourself as a ‘magic’ lover, then this movie must be in your list! Yups. Now You See Me 2 is the sequel of the previous one that released in 2013. Magic, so many tricks, action, crime, and thriller is what you can get in this movie. Announced to be release in October 2016, we’ll see The Four Horsemen (played by four magicians) performance again. This movie is about revenge. Revenge about what?? Hmmm… gomen ne, but I can’t tell you. Cause I think I’ve done so much spoiler, ne? ☺

And now, for the last two movies, I can’t say much. But, the only thing you know is, those movies are also on my wish list to watch. Hehehe, so here they are…

6. Bring Scrat Home


Also called as Ice Age 5 : Collision Course, this movie will be the next Ice Age series. Again, Scrat bring us into unexpected adventure that soooo silly, annoying, but still really funny!😄 this time, besides Scrat, we also reunion again with Manny, Sid, Tiger, etc.

7. The Huntsman: Winter’s War


The Huntsman is the prequel of Snow White’s tale: Snow White and The Huntsman which released in 2012. This movie tells about the kingdom before it ruled by Queen Ravenna.

And that’s all I can share this time, guys. Yeah, now let’s wait together for those movies coming in cinemas, ne? πŸ™‚ jaa, minna!


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