An advice for you who have social-relationship

I believe in loyalty. In everything. But, I do believe in betrayal. When you have some friends, please make sure you don’t hurt them. Especially for someone that you tagged him/her as your bestfriend. Beware with your mouth, and your “status update”. Cause mouth is sharper than blade. And most important :

What you write in social media, may live forever.

So, from now on, just imagine when your friends heard you say something bad about him/her, plus, you do update in your own social media, just trust me. It will remain pain and deep hurt. You may not see him/her mad or crying, but you don’t know what exactly him/her feel about that.

Last but not least, BE WISE, okay?! 😉


11 thoughts on “An advice for you who have social-relationship

  1. greyfikal says:

    but sometimes when you are about playing the social media, you have to understand what’s matter in it. i mean we need to understand more than just a side.. there are many side.. so when your friend share anything in his/her social media, there are only 2 things that you have to do, first, just keep calm and second ask them what’s exactly the meaning about what they have writen.. those matters i really want to tell you, and last, IT is the complex thing

      • greyfikal says:

        that’s your decision (: by the way, nice post.. but can you please tell me more about your experience to face life’s problem? i’d like to read those post but unfortunately there are a lot of post that discussing about your boy.. i’m just suggesting, not blaming

      • risrisda says:

        (((Your boy))) what a shame! 🙈 *lol* yeah, sometimes its more easy to dealing with ‘relationship’ rather than ‘friendship’ etc. ^_^

      • greyfikal says:

        yeah, your boy, didn’t you realized that?. more easy? umm, seems i have to take lessons about relationship with this guy._.

      • risrisda says:

        Well, guys really have to know how to act properly so they don’t make his gf upset. *wink* but yeah, girls are also difficult to understand.

  2. greyfikal says:

    allahuakbar, ane taunya cuman senpai, sensei, aishiteru, ajinomoto, randori and embu.. yep just that😅

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