The Best Candid Photo of Me. Ever!

It’s been a year since I was on ‘duty’. While this year “OSPEK” has been held earlier, mine was late for two days. Yup, my duty was be a member of “PK OSPEK FIS UNY 2015”. And yeah, “PK 2015” brought many memories for me. Those memories, one of them that I couldn’t forget was my candid photo. Surely, I can guarantee you, this is THE BEST OF ME.


And yeah, I’m so thankful for the documentation division that captured my expression. Though, I didn’t even know who he or she is. *lol*


Which is I think this picture resembles some of my personality. *wink* otherwise, for people who knows me well, wouldn’t take it to serious. Why? Cause they knew I am a type who really complex person. I can be cruel, annoying, funny, sarcastic, lazy, smart, impulsive, nice, diligent, and sensitive in same time. It depends on how you treat me. Since I do have so many personality, you can almost make sure that I am your frenemies. 😘



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