​Hit me like a ray of sun. Burning through my darkest night. You’re the only one that I want. Think I’m addicted to your light.*

You came to me in my misery. Then, you gave me a cute smile with your cocky expression in the moment I was so desperate. Now, you make my heart beating for no reason. Just your presence, with no words, we sit together in that bench, and you drives me crazy. (In a good intention, or course) 

You NEVER allowed me to take a picture. Once you said : I prefer to take a picture with DSLR, not camera phone. So, for that moment I just wanna recording all of our times in my brain. Besides, I’m not pretty enough to appear in your DSLR, right? 

Despite of that reason, I still have my feeling for you. 

I used to call you ‘laugh-booster’ since you could make me smiling and laughing like an idiot when I’m with you. Particularly, because you never complained when I squeeze your chubby cheeks. Again and again. Now, I am calling you my dearest. That’s makes a difference, though. ☺

Ah… Honestly, I don’t really wanna to talk about you. Just because I lose my ‘fortune’ when we played ‘Truth or Dare’ now I should write something about you. Errr, actually : POST YOUR PICTURE. 

And since my ‘failure’ in lovey-dovey relationship, I’m totally avoiding every single thing about my (new) crush. As a historian, I do learn from the past. That’s why I’m a bit afraid if I post something about YOU and in the end you’ll leave me. Like the one before you. 😔 

Geez… I talked out of the topic. Yeah well, I did your request, Dam. Uhm so, when you take a picture of us? 

*Beyonce – Halo.


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