Cerita Hati

October : The Proper Farewell

​I have stood against so many hurts and tears ; overwhelmed both by sorrow and joy. You once mine until that girl came and ruined our story. I was blessed to having you till you did torn my heart. 

Nevertheless, I gave you something that you can’t never give back ; a loyalty. Well, I guess you either will be my best thing that ever happened to me or the hardest lesson I’ve ever learned. 😊

Though I’m still so heart-broken, I can’t decide what truly I feel for you. You’re my serenity. I yearn our togetherness, either.  But now, we’re separated by too many obstacles. Seems difficult to even get a time to meet you. 

In the end, I do realize this is the best for us. So, as a farewell, let me be honest : you’re still my favorite guy after my dad. I also wanna say : would you please forgive whatever mistakes I ever made? Forgive each other, and from now on, continue our life with different path. 

Sayonara, Dam-kun~👼



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